McLaren MP4-27 by cjisntgay
McLaren MP4-27
Vehicle type Civillian vehicle
Body style Formula One race vehicle
Author cjisntgay
Link McLaren MP4-27 (7 Aug 13)

cjisntgay's McLaren MP4-27 is a vehicle mod found on


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The MP4-27 is an F1 racing car manufactured by McLaren. The vehicle is styled on the front with the rare sloped nose, instead of the conventional "platypus" nose.


As this vehicle is a Formula 1 vehicle, it's outstanding speed and amazing performance are expected of a vehicle of its kind. The acceleration is 0-60 in under two seconds. The braking, however, is one nonphenomenal aspect of this car. The brakes are above average, however the 650 kg (1433 lb) weight of this car  is an enemy to braking, though it does help with acceleration and top speed.


  • Do not replace a four-seat vehicle with this mod if you are interested in using the rear two seats.
  • If you replace a two-seat vehicle with this vehicle, the passenger will be located in the fender (literally inside the fender).

Recommended vehicles to replaceEdit

  • Forklift (although it is unknown whether the vehicle will be rear-wheel turning as the Forklift is)